Musician , singer songwriter , entertainer

Are you married?         Do you have any children?

Yes, I am married ! the very lovely Kathy [ nee: Humpage ]...... in 1981.....and yes, We have 4 children, 2 boys  and  2  girls......all grown up now

...........I have two Grandsons and 2 Grand daughters so far!

How  did  you  learn  to  play  like  that ?

I started  out taking  piano  lessons when  I  was  a  child. My parents sent my  sister, my  brother  and  me for private piano lessons. The  one piano we had was  always  going at home as  someone  was  always  practising. My  mum  and  dad  liked  to  play the piano too. I went for  classical piano  lessons  for  7  years , starting in 1960. My  older brother seemed  to have  a  nack for  picking  out keyboard  parts from records by  ear  and  would  show  them  to  me .As  life  went  on I learned by  listening  to  recordings of other  players .

I think of my time in the 1970's recording an album with a 5 piece  band at Toronto Sound Studios with professional producers and engineers as my  3rd  or 4 th year of a  university degree.  While a lot of my friends were getting post educational credits at University or college , I was on the road  and in the studio learning my trade. ie. songwriting , sound production, and live performance.  


Now I see myself as a 'Pioneer ' in 'One Man Band" writing and recording. Multi track recording is quite new compared to the time of the beatles, stones , etc where 4 tracks was the norm. 50 years ago one couldn't do what I do now with my home studio so I am really at the forefront of this musical  recording and writing era.  

Do  you  do  this for a   full  time  job?

Yes, I do ...  I have  worked  at  other  jobs  in  the past but  always  come  back  to  music . ...Jobs I had were : dishwasher, garbage man, truck driver, electrician, house painter and saleman [sold pianos, appliances, real estate and typewriters].... 

Do  you  have  a  band ?

Yes,  I  have  a  great  band , a  drummer ,  a  bass  player ,  a  sax  player  and a few guitar  players that I  work  with . We have played  at  the  local  venues around town  and play Weddings

How  did  you  learn  to  sing ?

I actually had to "find ' my voice. There was something there but I had to develop it. I learned mostly by imitating records....I didn't know my range or what keys I should be singing in . I remember  going  to  parties and  playing  the  guitar. I would sing parts of songs like a  chorus and I  could  hear that some of  what  I was  doing  sounded  good ..I  thought maybe  I  could really  sing someday .The  first  bands I  got  into, I  sang  back  up  vocals. I  was  very  nervous  about  it  .I do  remember  putting   in  a  lot  of  time rehearsing  with  bands  and  then  the  lead  singer  would  quit so I  decided  to build  up  my  own  songlist of  cover  tunes. Some  of  the  singers  I backed  up  didn't  seem  that  good and  I  thought " hey  I  can  do  this ! " I listened  to  my  audience and  what they  clapped  for , kept  singing  those songs and  became a lead  singer/front man......a long  difficult  trip but  I'm happy with it  now .....singing seems natural and comfortable now! 

What instruments  do  you  play ?

Piano, organ, keyboards, guitar, drums, and  a  bit  of harmonica. I  have  my  own   Pro tools  home  recording  studio as  well .

Is that your real name?            Why  I  changed  my   named

Since  the  internet came out , I've  been  able  to "google "many names . Doug Smith is  a  very  common name and  there  are quite a few in  the  music  business on the internet . I decided  to find a last  name that  was  different  and couldn't find anyone famous  using the last  name "Voice " so in Oct. 2007 I released a music  cd called "I"ve come a long way "  by Doug Voice ...and use that name  now ... So far I've had  a  good  response.................

for  interest  sake here are  some people who  changed  they're  names:









Little   know   fact  about  me

I'm  am ampidextrious. I can play the piano with Both hands!     LOL

What religion do you belong to ?

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I joined in 1980 when I was 28 years old. Some people refer to this church as the "Mormons" , a nick name as we read and believe in a book called the "Book of Mormon."  I believe in the Bible as well as long as it's translated correctly. amen.

Where  can  I  buy  your  music  Doug ?

my songs are available at these sites:
Spotify, 8Tracks , Tidal, MediaNet , Deezer , YouTube ,
Rumblefish , Rhapsody, Google  Music  Store,

note: a lot of my instrumental music is used for video , etc.


Do you have any free song samples I could hear?

yes, go to the  website CDBABY and REVERBNATION and listen to full songs for free !!.... and download some tracks for free!!!


Where can I  read  the lyrics to your songs ?

the lyrics are on this website, just go to the menu on the left hand side , click on  "LYRICS"

What are  your  musical  influences ?

The AM radio was the first music I heard as an infant in the early 1950's which was mostly country music and early Elvis..... My father sang and played the Harmonica around the house...My mom played violin and piano and conducted choirs at school.  

At the age of 8. I  started  classical piano lessons and went for 7 years so heard and played lots of  Classical music: Bach ,Beethovan ,Chopin ,etc ..My mother played piano and when I was little I would dance around with my sister to her piano playing. I really  liked the left hand bass notes she played on the piano....our hands were too small and could reach  the  octaves yet.

My music teacher had music recitals in her home every year  so I played infront of parents  and peers. I also played the piano at Bethel Baptist Church usually at Christmas .  These were my first 'gigs' in front of an a very  young  age .... 

My mother brought home  the first 2 Beatle albums that came out  in Canada . My brother who is three years older  than I am ,  bought  the first Rolling Stones album.... I played all these records over and over again ...I really  liked the Chuck Berry covers on these albums.. and the drums.

My parents bought my brother a  red , Vox Jaguar Organ and amp from J.J.H. Maclean's. When he quit playing in bands I gave them a few dollars and they gave it to me. That was my first portable keyboard that I would use at band practises. My mother drove me the practises with the organ and amp in her  car....usually  to Wally Shane 's house on Hampton Street . We were called "The Jagged Edge". We  played at the Airways Community Club. I think that was my first ever band gig. We also played at the Air force base on Mount Royal.  This was 1966 if I'm not mistaken....I played  in many , many   bands after after that . I had a portable organ and it seemed the phone was always ringing , somebody wanting me to play in their band ........most of the bands were playing "Louie Louie" by the kingsmen , " I'm not your Stepping Stone ' by the monkeys ,  "Mustang Sally" , and songs by the Animals. 

 I had  a few 45's [ recordings ] .  one I played alot was Psychotic reaction by Count Five , "Your Pushing too Hard" and "Can't Seem to Make You Mine"  by The Seeds........,most of the Dave Clark Five singles......."I Can See for Miles" by The Who......"Baby Please Don't Go" by Them ......also The Kinks  album

I had the first 2 Led Zepplin albums and played the drums in the basement to them .........I like to fool around on the guitar and imitate Santana  and  Jimi Hendrix  but didn't sound anything like them! The first  acoustic guitar song I remember playing was "Gloria" by Them [Van Morrison ] ...3  chords over and over till the fingers bleed!! ......somebody  showed me "George Harrison's riff for  'Day Tripper' by the Beatles  and then I figured I was pretty hot  then !!

In the 70's I had BTO's "Takin Care of Business" , Stones "Honky Tonk Women" , and Bob Seegar "Ramblin Gamblin Man" on 45's RPM records. and played them over and over again.

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