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released an album 2019 called "Forward only [instrumental music]

released an album 2017 called "Inharmonicities" , 21 original songs.

wow it's Jan 28/17 , I haven't been to this site for a long time ...I find it hard to edit on this site !!!.I'm working towards releasing

a new original songs album soon, lots  of  mixing to do  ...still writing , wrote a song last night and will make a demo today

It's May 27/14 and my song is #181 on neil's site

Tonight is March 3/14  and it's  # 40  [ highest so far ??'] 

It's  Feb 25/14 and this song is #58 , I think thats  the  highest so far  but  I don't check it alot and they don't notify me.  

It's Feb 17/14 and I went to Neil Young's "Living With War" site and my song "And the War Goes On " is listed at #559 out of 3590 can be heard at soundcloud or at the link at the neil young site......

Jan 20/14.  working hard  mixing new songs I wrote for my next double album........ I was shooting for Jan 1/14 but won't make that goal ...hopefully  by  spring.....on the phone at lot getting bookings  for  the  new new grandson is 5 months old !!!

Jan 26/13.........I wrote a song on Jan 22/13 and recorded a demo of it last night . I haven't finalise a name for it just yet. I just got thru reading most of Neil Young's Bio : Waging Heavy Peace ......and i'm thinking that may have had an influence on me . I listened to alot of his music and jammed it back in the 1960's-1970's. I was feeling kinda down so decided to write to cheer myself up and it worked ......after i finished the demo last night I did feel better ...I think it's just an average song but that doesn't really matter . I used a drum machine for the demo and would like to hear it with a drummer sometime as well as other musicians playing on it . The lyrics are about seeing someone who makes you feel good. 


started a Blog at Blogger

Feb 17/ I go to my email and I get an email from a guy who's in the number one position for Folk.Los Angeles ,CA on Reverbnation and he says '" Nice! Great passion in your songs Doug!!!  .....John Revitte   .......surprised me as I don't know him.....

feb 8/11  ..go to Reverbnation and  download for FREE "you can't rush me " from my new album

FEB 1/11   your comments to " my guestbook" are always welcome.

Download a free song at

Jan 18/11.. I got some new studio equipment and I'm learning how to use it. It's user friendly and I'll be able to record in a slightly different way . 

Jan 1, 2011. My new album is released today ! 18 of my new original songs available at Amazon and iTunes.and other websites.

Dec 9/10 I 'm doing lots of Christmas gigs right now and I've had a number of Christmas  dinners as they always want to feed me at these events. Love that white meat,cranberry sauce and dressing !

Nov. 24/10 .Just finished reading a book called" Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain" by Oliver Sacks. I found it very interesting as I play and sing for people in Hospitals,nursing homes and seniors retirement homes. The book covers how music affects people like those I see on a regular basis and I can see how they relate to music. Today I was at the Deer Lodge Center which is a hospital in Winnipeg.......good  book **** out of  *****. 

Jan 2007  I bought my 1st Mac G4 computer and Pro Tools digi .001. This was my 1st real studio. I decided to stop recording in other peoples' studios as it was getting too expensive so I put my money into my own equipment and continued to learn how to use Pro  Tools. I took a recording engineer course in 1997 and got a 95% at Sunshine Studios on Selkirk in Winnipeg. I have been in the studio recording as a musician many times so I had a good idea of how things worked. So in Jan 2011 it will have been 4 years! and I've done 4 albums.


nov.5/10  I'm on my way to a Xmas gig. I'm playing piano and singing for some folks who are having their  Christmas party this will be my first one of the  year....ho ho  ho 

.  I'm getting read  to release a new album, hopefully in November 2010, but it might be Jan.2011 as I've been running into some computer problems that have set me back. I placed 2 cd's at the Winnipeg library. and I've been shopping for websites to put the cd on .

Nov.1/10.. I uploaded 18 new songs to cdbaby and I'm waiting to hear back from them on this project....I have to ok the album tracks and distribution.     

 I have an instrumental album that I'm working on and hope to have that out soon as well. I have to decide on which tracks to include and  how long some of the songs should be as well as an  album cover and name.

 I'm working on a new cover tune for my jazz show. It's called "As time goes by". I had to transpose it into a key that I think I can live with. I'll sing  it "live"  a few times and make adjustments  from  there. 

 When I get a chance I've been contacting music publishers to see if they will place any of my songs with recording artists. I have mailed some of my songs out and I got a call from one company. The A+R guy said he liked my voice and a song I wrote called "You Were There". He said he would refer it to another department at his company. 

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